Application Deadline has passed. Confirmed teams & participants have been informed.

Please note that this is an in-person only hackathon & only confirmed teams and participants will be eligible for the physical event.

Join Girls in Tech Switzerland for Hacking for Humanity 2022

Connect with like-minded people from the tech industry and work on solutions to accelerate social change through diversity and inclusion. Hacking for Humanity is co-organized with On this year and will take place at the On Labs in Zurich. In groups, you’ll solve challenges from our partners Digitec Galaxus, Esri, and Meta, and spend a full day of inspiration, creativity, and fun.


Who can join?

We invite anyone to join who enjoys testing out ideas, building prototypes, working in teams, and who wants to have a positive impact through technology. This includes people from all industries and professional backgrounds. Participation is free and open to all genders. Participants must be 18 years old or older and be able to attend the event in person in Zurich, Switzerland.

Please note: There is a limited number of seats available and applicants will be selected based on their skills, background, and motivation to ensure a diverse participant pool. Applicants will be informed about their participation by September 28th. Only confirmed participants are eligible for the event.


What to Build 

Participating teams will be guided through a design process and supported by mentors to build a viable prototype or solution for the given challenge. The process consists of the following parts:

  1. Discovery: understand the challenge, explore the scope, and prioritize a specific area of the problem scope
  2. Ideation: brainstorm potential solutions, iterate over ideas & map out results, and settle on one idea to explore further as a prototype
  3. Prototyping: define the solution on a high level, map out workflows, create mockups, sketch user interfaces, build a prototype
  4. Testing: test the prototype/solution in the wild, sit together with other teams, explain the prototype & gather feedback
  5. Improve: based on the testing feedback do 1-2 rounds of improvements on your prototype

One prototype per team will be submitted through Devpost & be presented in the final pitch.


Friday, October 14th

  • 17.30 Doors open
  • 18.00 Welcome & QA with partners
  • 19.00 Prioritization & ideation
  • 19.30 Networking apéro

Saturday, October 15th

  • 8.00 Doors open, breakfast, ideation
  • 10.30 Break & lightning talks, prototyping
  • 12.00 Lunch break, more prototyping, testing
  • 18.00 Final pitch & public voting
  • 20.00 Award ceremony, after party


How to participate

  • Participants have to apply through the form until September 25th (DEADLINE ended).
  • Only individuals can apply > diverse teams are formed based on background, skills & motivation.
  • Confirmed participants & teams will be informed until September 28th and are invited to sign up through the Devpost website to confirm their participation until October 1st.
  • Participating teams are encouraged to join the slack workspace until October 1st to get to know their team members, partners, and the organizer team.

Hackathon Sponsors


4,000 in prizes

Audience price

CHF 1500

Jury price challenge 1

CHF 500

Jury price challenge 2

CHF 500

Jury price challenge 3

CHF 500

Early bird prices (2)

First teams submitting their prototypes will win a special Early bird price.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Selen Basol

Selen Basol
Engineering Manager, Meta

Arno Fiva

Arno Fiva
Developer Evangelist, Esri

Natalie Bausch

Natalie Bausch
Teamlead Software Engineering Online Shop, Digitec Galaxus AG

Nina Maurer

Nina Maurer
Digital Product Manager B2B, On

Judging Criteria

  • Quality (2pts)
    Is the idea a strong & viable product that could be used today? How impactful is the solution for the issue you are hoping to help solve? Does the solution tie back to ‘Hacking for Humanity’ and ‘Accelerating social change through diversity & inclusion’?
  • Design (2pts)
    How well was the idea designed by the team? How well thought out and complete is the design? Is it easy to use? Is it visually appealing? Is the design intuitive and a fluid flow?
  • Creativity (1pt)
    How novel is the idea/solution? Are there unexpected aspects to the solution? How creative was the design process in the team?
  • Presentation (1pt)
    Was the presentation concise and organized? How are supporting visual and media elements included? Were there multiple people presenting?
  • Technicality (1pt)
    Is the solution/product/idea practical to be developed? Does the solution properly work and has it been tested? How big was the technical effort, e.g. lo-fi vs. hi-fi prototype?

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